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2nd of December- First consortium meeting

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemy and the therefore compulsory home-office regulations, the Gam(e)(a)ble consortium organizes on the 2nd of December its first consortium meeting, which marks the official beginning of the project.

This online event gathers the seven scientific partners of the project : CiTiP (KULeuven), the research group on Developmental Psychology (UGent), IMS and Mintlab (KULeuven), Inclusive Society (UCLL), Law & Technology (UGent), Play&Game (LUCA School of Arts). The 16 researchers taking part in the project will discuss the organizational, scientific, and legal-regulatory sides of the project.

The most important point on the meeting agenda is certainly the summary of the deliverables which are planned for the first year of the project: Although the meeting officially takes place in December, a lot a work has already been done by the subgroups of which the consortium consists. This first cross-institutional gathering is then the occasion to inform the other subgroups about the progress in each part of the bigger project, as most objectives require input from several subteams to be attained.

For example, in year 1, we should be able to display following deliverables:

  • An analysis of the current regulatory framework on gambling in online games

  • An integrated measure tapping into parental mediation of gaming and gambling and communication about theses two activities

  • An EDPQ specification for prevention of non-substance related behavioural addictions

From the second year on, these advances will be published in the form of articles, presentations at conferences, and documents for the broad audience.

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