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First meeting with stakeholders and partners: 22nd September 2021

On the 22nd September 2021, Gam(e)(a)ble organized its first meeting with stakeholders and partners of the project. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it took place online. Nonetheless, we could gather numerous institutions and organizations taking part in various aspects of Gam(e)(a)ble, including coordination, data gathering, workshop planification, and scientific collaboration : EXPOO, Mediawijs, Video Games Federation Belgium, VAD and Adviespunt erslaving, Gaming Commission, PEGI, MediaNet, VRM, Vagga, Liège Game Lab, etc.

Our researchers held four presentations summing up the developments of the project as well as their implications for field work :

  • Simulated gambling in digital games: Design and use in youth

  • The integration of gambling(-like) elements in videogames: Finding or losing your way in the legal labyrinth

  • On the parents' role in adolescents' gaming and online gambling behaviour

  • Prevention and early intervention related to problematic gaming and gambling behaviour

In addition to each presentation, discussion groups were organized, gathering researchers from Gam(e)(a)ble and partners around concrete questions : valorization trajectories of the project, the current legal framework around (simulated) gambling, the ways of informing and supporting parents when it comes to their children's gaming and gambling behaviour, and the specificities of group vs. individual approach to problematic gaming and gambling.

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