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Conference Presentations and Abstracts

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Parents' Restricting Mediation and Communication Styles (EARA 2002)

On the EARA Conference 2002 (24-27 August), organized by the European Association for Research on Adolescence, Lowie Bradt presented our poster on the "Antecedents and Consequences of Parents' Restricting Mediation and Communication Styles in the Domain of Gaming" (Bradt, L., Soenens, B., De Cock, R., Zaman, B. Grosemans, E., Denoo, M.)

This poster is accessible here

Journal articles

Making Complexity Measurable in Practice: A Formal Analysis of Gamble-Play media

Paper published in Games and Culture (Denoo, M., Dupont, B., Zaman, B., Grosemans, E., & Malliet, S.), May 2023.

Over the past decade, videogames have become increasingly gambling-like in their design. Scientific and regulatory attempts to unravel such design seem particularly oriented towards the effects and regulatory treatment of paid-for loot boxes, favoring either measurability or complexity. Departing from gamble-play theory, this paper, therefore, attempts to make complexity measurable in practice. We conduct a formal analysis of 20 videogames that include loot boxes, social casino games, optional gambling-themed activities and token wagering by identifying and mapping interactions between their features. Having uncovered 51 features across 11 categories, we then reinterpret previously established notions of gambling. In doing so, we aim to contribute to a future-proof understanding of gambling in videogames.

The article is accessible here

Illustrations by Gudrun Makelberge

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