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Endorsers and gambling marketing: "It is not as innocent as it seems"

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

UEFA 2020 and gambling advertising are inextricably linked. Despite initiatives to ban these ads during televised matches, we are almost bombarded with them on other channels. Even worse: famous (former) athletes are more than happy to lend their faces or sports jerseys to gambling operators. This kind of endorser marketing portrays gambling as a harmless game, whilst contributing to its normalization. However, “it is not as innocent as it seems”, says professor Tim Smits, member of the Gam(e)(a)ble team, on Radio 2 Antwerp. Many people, including vulnerable groups such as young people, get a taste of the gambling lifestyle and as a result, may become addicted to it. The only solution? Advising sports teams to turn down advertising offers of gambling operators.

Read more about this news item in this (Dutch) article:

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