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Short report longitudinal Study 

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Between November 2021 and February 2022, Gam(e)(a)ble ran the first wave of a survey among Flemish teenagers. Approximately 2300 adolescents participated and answered a questionnaire focusing on digital gaming and gambling. Additionally, around 700 of these adolescents' parents were surveyed about their own and their children's digital gaming and gambling behavior.


Based on the results of this first wave, our researchers set up a short report that is meant in the first place for participating schools, but can also inform and help all teenagers, parents, and professionals interested in digital gaming and gambling.


This report (in Dutch) is accessible here

Report on the regulatory framework on gambling(-like) elements in video games

Mapping and analyzing the current regulatory framework on gambling(-like) elements in digital games is a high-priority task for legal research within Gam(e)(a)ble. Indeed, developments within the video gaming industry have caused the lines between video gaming and gambling to become increasingly blurred. Aside from the regulatory framework related to gambling or video gaming, a variety of rules exists across different legal domains and different sectors which can be applied to this issue. To guide rule understanding and application, our researchers have published a report, which provides a structured overview of the relevant provisions against the background of the existing children’s rights framework found at the international and European level.


This report (in English) is accessible here

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Illustrations by Gudrun Makelberge

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